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The Thermenregion comprises 1,870 hectares of vineyards on the edge of the Vienna Woods. The northern part is dominated by fruity, full-bodied white wines of the autochthonous varieties Zierfandler and Rotgipfler. The south is a classic red wine stronghold with the black cherry-scented St. Laurent and the elegant Pinot Noir as flagships.

anninger gumpoldskirchen POV 0048 The Anninger is the highest elevation in the thermal region.
anninger gumpoldskirchen POV 0048 The Anninger is the highest elevation in the thermal region.
Thermenregion014 St. Laurent and Pinot Noir dominate in the southern part of the Thermenregion.
WinzerThermenregion 1129 Nicole Heiling All ÖTW.Thermenregion winegrowers together.

The name Thermenregion refers to the sulphurous hot springs of Aquae (Baden). In the Middle Ages, viticulture experienced a real heyday here under the leadership of the Cistercian monks. Loamy soils of fine-grained sediments predominate. A high proportion of coarse gravel is common, and is due to consolidated or loose gravels and sands with a high lime content and many remains of mussels, snails and other marine life. Debris-rich slope foot deposits help with drainage and through-warming. In the stone field, poor gravel soils provide excellent conditions for red wine varieties.


Profile Thermenregion

  • Hectares 1,870
  • Important places: Gumpoldskirchen, Perchtoldsdorf, Tattendorf, Baden, Bad Vöslau, Traiskirchen
  • Important varieties: Rotgipfler, Zierfandler, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent
  • Classified sites: from harvest 2022
  • Average hours of sunshine: 1800 h
  • Average precipitation: 600 mm
  • Average temperature: 9.9 °C
  • Wind days on average 280 / year
  • Vineyards between 210m and 450m above sea level


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