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Kremstal Gaisberg Stein
kremstal v2
Kremstal Gaisberg Stein
kremstal v2



The name of the winegrowing region comes from the river Krems, which flows into the Danube near the city of Krems, wending its way down from the Waldviertel. From a geologic point of view, the approximately 2,450 hectare vineyards in the Kremstal can be roughly divided into three zones: weathered soils of primordial rock are found west of Krems and in the north up to Senftenberg. Around the urban sector and to the east of it, the vineyards grow on deep layers of loess, which are often veined with conglomerates. And pure diversity prevails south of the Danube, ranging from loess, primordial rock & gravel to crystalline granulite.

oetw panoramaweingaerten 0201 View above Krems
oetw panoramaweingaerten 0201 View above Krems
im weingarten In the vineyard
pellingen Terraces in Senftenberg

Similar to the neighbouring winegrowing regions Wachau & Kamptal, the Kremstal is also situated in a climatic zone characterised by dynamic ​​tension. As in the surrounding regions, the warm, Pannonian climate coming from the east meets the cooler, continentally- influenced climate of the higher-elevation Waldviertel. Soil & climate together create outstanding conditions for vinifying juicy white wines of great finesse, especially from Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.


Profile Kremstal

  • Hectares: 2370
  • Important municipalities: Krems, Senftenberg, Stratzing, Rohrendorf, Gedersdorf, Furth, Palt, Hollenburg, Krustetten, Oberfucha
  • Important DAC varieties: Grüner Veltliner, Riesling
  • Classified vineyards: 30 Erste Lagen
  • Average hours of sunshine over the last ten years: 1816 h*
  • Average precipitation over the last ten years: 545 mm*
  • Average temperature: 10,4°C*

    *Source: Documentation Austrian Wine, 2004-2017
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